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    Want to join Open Data Estonia as formal organization?

    We think it is a good idea to bring the OD community tightly together. That means — we want to create a formal organization, an NGO. Finns have done it well, they established a chapter of Open Knowledge Network. This model of formalized activity has brought quick results in getting more data open,  launched more exciting and international projects, and created visible active movement in Finnish OD community. Read More »

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    Discussion Thu Sep 22: From Open Data to Open Information Society

    Estonian Open Data community invites you to discuss the future of information society with Dr Rufus Pollock from Open Knowledge and local experts. Could Estonia be the place to try out policy reforms for open information age and what is still needed to be done? What is the part of civil society organisations in aspiring desired changes? Read More »

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    Rufus Pollock: Making an Open Information Society

    Why does making an open information age matter? How would it would work? And how do we make it happen? We need to understand why we need to make all public information open, free for anyone to use, share and build on. How a world of open information would work, especially how we can fund innovation and creativity in “open-compatible” ways ranging from up-front methods to remuneration rights.

    Read More »

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    (Eesti) Arvutimaailm: Eesti Andmed Avalikuks!

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    Opendata.ee now also in English

    We have added an English side to Opendata.ee community site.

    Contrary to the Estonian site which serves the purpose of introducing the subject of Open Data to Estonians, the English side will focus on giving an overview of the local developments and will mostly include translations of related Estonian content.

    Your can read about what’s happened so far and the current situation here.

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    (Eesti) Open Government koosolek Praxises: Eesti spurdib õiges suunas

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    Open Data in Estonia’s new government’s coalition treaty

    It seems that Open Data principles have made their way to the new government formed in March 2011. Here’s an extract from the coalition treaty:

    8. Giving states’ digital assets to citizens and business:

    • a. we make the spatial data public – to give citizens and businesses the opportunity to create their own public data services;
    • b. we link the public registers (cadastre data and land register) and make their information available online 24/7;
    • c. for transparency and simulating creation of new applications by private sector, we make the state and local government data available in machine-readable form (machine-readable public data);
    • d. Our aim is that datasets made in cooperation between state and private parties would be available to businesses and individuals to
    • develop their own applications.

    The English translation of the full programme will hopefully soon make it’s way to the Estonian Government’s website.


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    (Eesti) OGD London 2010 kokkuvõtted ja järelkajad

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